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At MDS, we believe the story of the West is told through Downtown main streets. They reflect our history, our communities and our shared values. To be successful, all organizations must have a purpose, a dream and an action plan that is vital and shared by staff, boards and commissions, decision-makers, volunteers and other stakeholders external to the organization.

Our firm is recognized as the leader in creating mission and vision statements, providing municipal planning and downtown revitalization services to small communities. We not only develop strategic plans, actions plans, comprehensive plans, and land use regulations and guidelines; we are the end users. Our extensive development review and implementation experience, particularly in Colorado’s smaller communities, means we know how to ensure that the vision contained within any strategic or vision document is translated into the day-to-day decisions of town staff, elected and appointed officials. We work with you and your community to gather data, collect input, play off your assets and provide recommendations and opportunities for your future.


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